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"Cuisine may be genrally regarded as a part of a people's culture. The quality of the fare, the manner in which it is prepared, the time devoted to its ingestion, the conventions of the dinner table: these are intimately related to, and frequently reflect a people's aesthetic development."

- Angelo Pellegrini, The Unprejudiced Palate (1948)

Spanish food is a simple fare. The way the food is prepared, shared and enjoyed is unpretentious. Over a glass of wine and a few plates of tapas, it is a way to bring people together. Spanish cooking is inspired by the good quality and freshness of the ingredients. From the bold flavours of chorizo to the suble and velvety taste of olive oil, Spanish cooking is all about the delicate balance.

Here are some of our favourite recipes with ingredients that you can get from us and from your local produce suppliers. Let us help you experience the flavour of Spain in the comfort of your own home.  

Tapas & Salads
Soups and Gazpachos          
Rice & Pasta     

Meat, Poultry & Game

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